Curriculum Vitae



Ph.D. (English)                                             University of Calgary (1996)

Creative dissertation entitled Misshapen, a novel under the supervision of Aritha van Herk. Successfully defended September 5, 1996, three years after entering the PhD program.

Candidacy completed June, 1995 with specialization in Creative Writing, the Novel, Contemporary Critical Theory, and Contemporary Literature. Coursework completed April, 1994 in Contemporary Poetry and Poetics, American Women Poets, Feminist and Postcolonial Theory.


M.A.  (English)                                             University of Manitoba (1993)

Graduate courses on the Canadian Novel, Robert Kroetsch, Margaret Atwood and Post-Colonial Literature (including African-American, African, East Indian, First Nations' and South American Literatures).

Creative thesis entitled Catch as Catch under the supervision of Dennis Cooley.


B.A. (Canadian Studies)                                   University of Manitoba (1991)

Focus on Native Canadian History, Canadian Poetry, and Canadian Novel. Included a Creative Writing class with Robert Kroetsch.


B.Ed. (Secondary, English and History)              University of Manitoba (1989)

Focus on teaching creative writing and student-centered pedagogy.


Teaching Interests

§       Creative Writing

§       Canadian Literature

§       Postcolonial Literature

§       Critical and Cultural Theory

§       Twentieth-Century Poetry


Teaching Experience   

Creative Writing

2003-       Creative Writing: Poetry (UNBC)

2003-       Introduction to Creative Writing (UNBC)

2002       Creative Writing: Drama and Screenplay (UNBC)

2000-2001       Introductory Creative Writing (University of Winnipeg)

1999-2000       Introductory Creative Writing (University of Winnipeg)

1999       Introductory Creative Writing (University of Manitoba)

1997-1999       Introductory Creative Writing

                              (University of Winnipeg Continuing Education)

1996-1999      Winnipeg High School Gifted Institute

                              (Winnipeg #1 School Division)

Canadian Literature

2002-       Introduction to Canadian Literature (UNBC)

1999       Special Studies: Dionne Brand (University of Winnipeg)

1999       Research Grant supervision: Gender Theorists/Poets Nicole

       Brossard & Hélène Cixous (University of Winnipeg)

1998       Special Studies: Canadian Women Poets of Colour

                              (University of Winnipeg)

1998 (summer)       Contexts in Canadian Literature (University of Winnipeg)

1997       Canadian Regional Literature--second term

                              (University of Winnipeg)

1997       Canadian Literature Pre-1967 (University of Manitoba)

1993-1995       Canadian Literature--Graduate Teaching Assistant

                              (University of Calgary)


Critical Theory

2003-       Contemporary Theory (UNBC)

2002       Theory (UNBC)

1998-2001       Introduction to Critical Theory (University of Winnipeg)

                              Summer 1998 Principles and Methods of Literary Theory

                              (University of Manitoba)


Postcolonial Literature and Aboriginal Literatures

2001-             (UNBC)

1999-2000            Experimental upper-level course which emulates traditional First Nations' teaching methods (University of Winnipeg)




   declining america. (poetry) Book Thug, 2009.

§     Finding Ft. George (poetry) Mediera Park: Caitlin Press, 2007

§     editor, Al Purdy: An Introduction. Waterloo: Wilfred Laurier UP, 2006.

§     flicker (short fiction) Winnipeg: Signature Editions, 2005

§     Muddy Water: Conversations with 11 Poets (interviews) Winnipeg, J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing, 2003.

§     The Dying Poem (novel) Toronto: Coach House Books, 2002.

§     traffick   (poetry) Winnipeg: Turnstone Press, 1999.

§     Misshapen  (novel) Edmonton: NeWest Press, 1997. (edited by Rudy Wiebe)

§     Catch as Catch (poetry) Winnipeg: Turnstone Press, 1994.




  “The ‘Valuable Deformity’: Calipers and the Failed Trope of Postcolonial Debt in Deepa Mehta’s Earth” Canadian Journal of Film Studies XVII, 1, 2007:  44-55.

   “Codes of Canadian Racism: Anglocentric and Assimilationist Cultural Rhetoric.” Home-Work: Postcolonialism, Pedagogy, and Canadian Literature. Cynthia Sugars ed. Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press, 2004: 245-256.

   "After Postcolonialism: Migrant Lines and the Politics of Form in Fred Wah, M. NourbeSe Philip, and Roy Miki."  Is Canada Postcolonial?: Unsettling Canadian Literature.  Laura Moss ed. Waterloo: Wilfred Laurier UP, 2003: 282-296.

§     "The Aesthetics of Annihilation: The Restless Text and the Reader as Assassin in Aritha van Herk’s Restlessness."  Aritha van Herk: Essays On Her Works. Christl Verduyn ed. Toronto: Guernica Editions, 2001.

§     "Emerging Prairie Cultures: 'Structures of Feeling' at the Edge of a 'Prairie Literature'" Taking Place  www.rhizome/pci/takingplace

§     "Turning Left at Portage and Main: Margaret Sweatman's Fox and Winnipeg Politics" Prairie Fire. 20.2,Winter 1999: 196-202.


Reviews, Chapbooks, and Literary Magazine Publications


• six poems. Open Text Anthology.

 • “Poem in the Postmodern Age.” A/Cross Sections: New Manitoba Writing. Eds Katherine Bitney and Andris Taskans. Winnipeg: Manitoba Writers’ Guild, 2007. 265.

  “Headwaters: Ken Belford’s Ecologue and Barry McKinnon’s The Centre Writing the Outside In.” American Book Review. Forthcoming Sept/Oct 2005. (See Appendix A: Forthcoming)

• “Software Tracks.” Post-Prairie. Eds. Robert Kroetsch and Jon Paul Fiorentino. Vancouver: Talon Books, 2005.

• “Curiouser.” Jacket #28.  Summer 2005 http://jacketmagazine.com/28/index.html#bow

* “’green’ noun,” “giving way,”represent.” “tay creek,” “the line,” “the plant that grows at white men’s doors,” “the vibrant economy,” “inversions of faith.”  Treeline 3/It’s Still Winter. http://www.fsj.nlc.bc.ca/glainsbury/T3/Treeline3.htm

    “Waiting for Winnipeg” Prairie Fire 24.3. October 2003: 46-47.

*    “giving way.” George Street Letters. 1.1 (2005).

*   “The Cut You Come From” (A Review of Brian Fawcett’s Virtual Clearcut), Canadian Literature, 187 Winter 2005. 131-132.

*   STANZAS #37: Americausal

*  “from The Dying Poem.” Cyclops Review. Winnipeg: Cyclops Press, 2002:

§     “3 Promises” Jacket #18, winter 2002.

§     “A Prose is a Prose is a Prose” Side/lines. Ed. Rob Mclennan. Fredericton: Broken Jaw, 2002:

§     “Displacement #1-#7” Matrix 62 (Fall 2002): 54-55.

§     “Assuming Depth” dANDelion 28:1, 2002: 23-27.

§     Triage: 6 Paratactic Readings of the Coalition for a Humanistic British Canada’s Policy Statement (Winnipeg Free Press, Saturday, October 9, 1999) Or, Triage—Dampening the Amperage of Empire, filtering the Already Known, Piping in Reverb and Gradients to Better Hear the H-hate. Calgary: Housepress, 2001.

§     "Review: The Widows by Suzette Mayr" Prairie Fire, 20.3, Fall 1999: 134-135.

§     "Review: Iridium Seeds by Sylvia Legris." Contemporary Verse 2, 22.1, 1999: 53-55.

§     "traffick" (poem) West Coast Line. 26-32.1, Spring 1999: 1-6.

§     "fit" (poem) tart. Spring 1999: 4-5.

§     "darksaying" (poem) Dark Leisure 1.1, 1999: 1-5.

§     "Review: The Man from the Creeks by Robert Kroetsch" Contemporary Verse 2. 21.4, 1999: 58-60.

§     "Review: Rifts in the Visible by Inge Israel." Prairie Fire. 19.2, 1998: 154-155.

§     "Rhapsody inDefinite." Border Crossings 17.1, February 1998.

§     "flicker #3" (prose poem). Contemporary Verse 2. 20.1, 1997: 53.

§     "Lunar Wake  by Catherine Hunter: Review." Prairie Fire. 17.2, 1996: 116-117.

§     "Interview: having words with." a/muse me. 2.2, 1996:  20-24.

§     "Letting Your Fingers Do the Talking." Border Crossings. 14.4, November 1995:74.

§     "A Lyric Refusal." Prairie Fire. 15.4, 1994-95: 124-125.

§     "Loom" and "Flicker" (prose poems). Prairie Fire. 12.1, 1991: 23-24.

§     "pow" and "Voice Carbon Diaphragm" (poems). can(N)on. 1(2), 1991: 2-3.





"Ghosts in the Text: Representation as Loss and ‘Phantasy’ in the Haunted

 House of the Soul." Essay


"Luisa Valenzuela’s 'Obscure Beings', Textual Masks, and Colonial States of

 Loss in He Who Searches."  Essay


The Overcode

            A cyberpunk novel in the tradition of William Gibson and Vernor Vinge.


A Long Way Off.

            A novel about prisons and police states close to home.


Poem’s Poem

            A book of self-reflexive poems.


The Malecon.  

A fictional/speculative biography of socialist activist in prison [research stage]



            A study of ‘oplopanax horridus’.


Conference Papers, Readings, Public Events




• Kootenay School of Writing Reading Series




• Open Text Reading /Series, Capilano College


• Transparency Machine Reading Series, University of Windsor




• “Water on the Head: Transplantation, Rice Paddies and Prairie Magic in Hiromi Goto’s The Kappa Child.” The Prairies in 3-D: Disorientations, Dispersals, Diversities. St John's College at the University of Manitoba, September 27-29, 2007.




• “Earth Ethics / Human Ecologies: Jeannette Armstrong’s Whispering in Shadows.” XI Congresso Internationale. Miraflores de la Sierra (Madrid, Spain), November 17-18, 2006.


• “The Headwaters of Place: Ken Belford’s Ecologue and the New Ecosophers.” MLA Convention. Philadelphia, December 27-30, 2006.




   “Headwaters: Ken Belford’s Ecologue Writing the Outside In” Associated Writing Programs Conference, Vancouver, May 29, 2005.


   “Nalo Hopkinson Re-Imagining Race: Cultural Contact Fantasy in Midnight Robber and The Salt Roads.”WisCon 29: Feminist Science Fiction Convention, May 27-30, 2005, Madison, Wisconsin. (accepted but unable to attend due to lack of funding)


   “The ‘Valuable Deformity’: Bodies, Calipers, and Other Failed Tropes of Postcolonial Debt in Bapsi Sidhwa’s Cracking India and Deepa Mehta’s Earth” Film and the Problem Body Symposium, University of Calgary, January 28, 2005.




   “Cheating the Poetic Debt: Steve McCaffery and North American Poetics.”  Panel: Stuttering Bodies, Northeast Modern Language AssociationConvention, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania,  March 3-7, 2004. (accepted but unable to attend due to lack of funding)


   “Colonial States, Totalitarianism, and the Self: Luisa Valenzuela’s He Who Searches and The Lizard’s Tail,” ACCUTE Conference, Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities, Winnipeg May 29. (forthcoming)




Reading Tour:


November 7   Emily Carr Center, Vancouver, with Suzette Mayr.

November 1   Pages on Kensington, Calgary, with Thomas Trofimuk.

October 30   University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg

October 29   McNally-Robinson, Winnipeg

October 28   Cobalt, Toronto, with Jay Millar.

October 27   Cafe Sarajevo, with Rob McLennan and Stephanie Bolster

October 17   Mosquito Books, Prince George


•   Reading - National Library of Canada, Ottawa, May 5


   “The Codes of Canadian Racism,” Postcolonial Pedagogy Conference, Ottawa, May 4-5


   Reading - Mosquito Books, Prince George, April 17


   Reading - University of Calgary, Canada Council Reading Grant, March 19



   "Luisa Valenzuela’s 'Obscure Beings', Textual Masks, and Colonial States of

 Loss in He Who Searches."  20th Century Literature Conference, Louisville, Kentucky,

February 20.




§     "After Postcolonialism: Migrant Lines and the Politics of Form in Fred Wah, M. NourbeSe Philip, and Roy Miki."  Is Canada Postcolonial? University of Manitoba, September 14-16.


§     Reading, celebrating the launch of Dennis Cooley's Irene, McNally-Robinson, August 30.


§     "Luisa Valenzuela’s 'Obscure Beings,'  Textual Masks, and a Colonial State of Loss in He Who Searches."  Red River Conference on World Literature, University of North Dakota, April 13-15.


§     "What Canadian Educators Could Learn from Oprah Winfrey and Fidel Castro" Freedom to Read Lecture, Centennial Library, February 29.


§     Reading, Contemporary Verse 2, Bread & Circuses Café, February 22


§     Reading, Chapters Polo Park, February 15


§     Host of Performance Poetry Evening, Bread & Circuses Café, February 5


§     Reading and launch of traffick, McNally-Robinson Booksellers, Portage Place, January 16




§     “A Canadian Poetics of Race After/Alters the Tradition: The Politics of Form in Dionne Brand. M. NourbeSe  Philip and Roy Miki.” A Visionary Tradition: Canadian Literature and Culture. University of Guelph, November 11-14.


§     Reading, Chapters (Garden City) opening. October 21.


§     "The Novel as Socio-Cultural Ritual." Linguistic Circle Conference. Grand Forks, North Dakota. October 24-25.


§     "The Aesthetics of Broken Bodily Order: Mutilation and Disfigurement in Michael Ondaatje." Canadian Society for Aesthetics. Sixteenth Annual Conference, University of Sherbrooke, June 3-5.


§     Reading, Contemporary Verse 2 launch. Heaven art and Book Café, May 15.


§     Reading, Dark Leisure inaugural launch. Heaven Art and Book Café, May 6.


§     "The Novel as Cultural Contact Zone: Pedagogical Possibilities  in Achebe's Arrow of God, Jhabvala's Heat and Dust, and Gooneratne's A Change of Skies as Postcolonial Responses to Conrad's Heart of Darkness" Red River Conference on World Literature, North Dakota State University, April 23-25.


§     Manitoba Writers' Guild Reading Series. Heaven Art and Book Cafe, March 4.




§     Introduction of W.H.New, Robert Kroetsch, Audrey Thomas, and Ted

§     Stone, Winnipeg International Writers Festival, October 17.


§     Reading and lecture, Catherine Hunter's Advanced Creative Class, Sept. 18.


§     "No Free Lunch" Department of English Colloquium, University of Winnipeg, October 2


§     Reading: Chapters Reading Series, Sept. 26.


§     "New Prairie Mythographies: The Fiction of Méira Cook and Todd Bruce"        Defining the Prairies Conference, St. Johns College, University of Manitoba, Sept. 24-26.


§     "Counterfeit Currencies and Alternate Historical Economies" Symposium, University of Manitoba, April 6.


§     NeWest reading tour, Chapters (Bloor St.) and Chapters (Markham) Toronto, April 24-26.


§     NeWest reading at University of Alberta in Edmonton, March 19.


§     Reading in honour of bp Nichol, Heaven Art and Book Cafe, February 18.




§     Interview, KLDU Halifax, aired December 22.


§     Reading at Pages Bookseller, Calgary launch of Misshapen, November 7.


§     McNally-Robinson Reading Series, launch of Misshapen, October 2.


§     Reading at Heaven Art and Book Cafe, hosted by Contemporary Verse 2, September 18.


§     "No Free Lunch" Department of English Colloquium, University of Winnipeg, September 17.




§     Manitoba Writers' Guild Reading Series, February 8.


§     "Men and Feminism: Postures, Positions, and Male Feminism." Gender Research Symposium, Department of Women's Studies, University of Calgary. (vetted)




§     "Singing the Rift of Violation: Beautiful Violence in Toni Morrison's Sula." Contradictions: Free Exchange Conference, University of Calgary. (vetted)


§     "Talkback" panel to David Mamet's Oleanna. Alberta Theatre Project.


§     Catch as Catch launch (with Ashok Mathur and Nicole Markotic) Stride Gallery, Calgary, February 19.


§     Catch as Catch launch, Heaven Art and Book Cafe, January 16.




§     Iconography, St.John's Literary Conference. Discussion panel on small press publishing.





UNBC Award for Excellence in Teaching(nominated 2004)

Canada Council for the Arts - Readings Grants (2001-2008)

Canada council for the Arts – Writers in Residence Grant (2003) (in cooperation with ECIAD)

Most Influential Teacher on an Outstanding Graduate (1999) - University of Manitoba

Manitoba Arts Council Writing "A" Grant (July, 1999)

City of Winnipeg Arts Advisory Council Grant (May, 1999)

Manitoba Arts Council Travel Grant (December, 1998)

McNally-Robinson Book of the Year (1998) - Finalist

John Hirsch Award for Most Promising Writer in Manitoba (1998) - Finalist

Manitoba Arts Council Writing "B" Grant (September, 1996) 

Graduate Research Scholarship (1996) - University of Calgary

John Hirsch Award for Most Promising Writer in Manitoba (1995) - Finalist

Alberta Writers' Guild - Best Book of Poetry (1995) - Finalist

Thesis Research Grant (June 1995) - University of Calgary.

A.J.T. Cairns Scholarship (1995) - University of Calgary


Other  Activities


•   UNBC/ECU BFA Coordinator 

   UNBC Arts Council


   Co-organizer of The Poetry Train, a literary event sponsored by UNBC, VIA Rail, and the      Canada Council for the Arts.


§     Organizer of Just West of Unruly, an annual Writing Festival in Prince George.


§     Editor: Online Literary Journal stonestone  -   http://stonestone.unbc.ca


§     Poetry Editor, Prairie Fire magazine (September, 1998 -2001).


§     Listed as one of the "Most Popular Profs" at the University of Winnipeg in the 2000 Macleans University issue.


§     Research trip to Havana, Cuba (December 17-31, 1998).


§     Guest co-editor, with Deborah Keahey, Prairie Fire 19 No. 1 (Spring 1998), special issue about writer Dennis Cooley.  Solicited contributions from twenty people, including Aritha van Herk, Robert Kroetsch, Birk Sproxton, and composer Michael Matthews.


§     First Year and Special Events Committee, Department of English, University of Winnipeg, 1997/1998 and 1998/1999. My First Year Committee work has involved extensive liaison and meetings with high school English teachers and the Minister of Education on shared topics and issues affecting students.


§     Co-founder and Editor: Staccato Chapbook Press (formerly Dog Ear Press). Staccato publishes new and experimental writing by Manitoba authors. It is a collective which has produced 15 chapbooks to date with the members involved in all aspects of editing, production, and marketing. Specific chapbook projects I have edited include Méira Cook's Taking the Waters  and Todd Bruce's Birdman, 1991-2000


§     Conference Chair, 1993 Manitoba Writers' Guild Conference Lighten Up Canada.


§     Member of Board of Directors for the Manitoba Writers' Guild, 1992-1993.


§     Crowsnest Pass Writing Retreat. Sponsored by disOrientation Press, Calgary, 1993.


§     Delta Marsh Writing Retreat, 1991. Sponsored by Manitoba Writers' Guild.


§     Home care and crisis intervention, NorthWin Shelter for Battered Women, Cambridge Residence for mentally challenged.  Health and Family Services (Thompson, Manitoba), Summer, 1992.